Specialised consulting for clean-tech / sustainability start-ups

Help for companies trying to make the world a better place

Specialised consulting for clean-tech / sustainability start-ups

Help for companies trying to make the world a better place

What Sundry Ventures Offers

Sundry Ventures helps launch companies with a clean tech or sustainability value proposition. All start-up face funding challenges in the beginning, no matter what their business model is. Just because you have a great business idea doesn’t mean that you will be able to communicate it in a way that will bring investors on board. Sundry Ventures can help you to craft your business narrative and communicate your value proposition in a way that will excite investors and instil trust that your business can go the distance.

Our Services

Pitch deck review

I will help you streamline and focus your pitch deck so that it conveys the key information needed to get investors on board

Narrative crafting

I will help you craft a narrative that gets investors as fired up about your business as you are

Investor pitch coaching

Your deck is ready, you’ve got your story nailed – but what about presenting? Many a worthy company has lost a chance at investment due to poor pitching. I’ll use all I’ve learned from years of pitching and public speaking to help you turn nervous energy into excitement so you can blow your pitch out of the water!

Networking help

The clean tech world is a small one, and I have a number of contacts that I can put you in touch with who may be able to help with various aspects of your business

Our Vision

You’ve got an idea for a business that can change the world – that’s wonderful!  Maybe you have a new product that is eco-friendly and will help the environment.  Or maybe you are developing a new sustainable technology that will replace an old, dirty one.  Whatever it is that you’re working on, I commend you for trying to make the world a better place through business!
I’d love to help you on your journey.  One way that I can is through consulting on your pitch to investors – just because you have a great idea doesn’t mean that investors will understand it right away or believe in your idea enough to hand over their hard-won cash.  You probably know the statistic – most start-ups fail, and one of the main reasons is that they run out of cash before the fully get off the ground.  (Again, congrats on your bravery for taking on the challenge of starting a business!)  In order to avoid this trap, you need to be able to speak investors’ language and do so in a convincing way so that you gain their confidence.  And, you have to do so quickly – most pitches last just two minutes!
This is where I come in.  I specialise in helping start-ups craft their business narrative in order to pitch to investors.  I come from an entrepreneurial background, and I’m enjoying applying that expertise to help companies that are trying to do good in the world to secure the funding that they deserve. 

Why the focus on clean tech / sustainability?

I focus on clean tech and sustainability companies because this is a marrying of two of my passions: helping the planet, and entrepreneurship. I understand the challenges that new companies in general, and clean tech / sustainability companies in particular, face when they’re trying to speak to investors. In addition to the usual challenges facing new businesses, clean tech / sustainability start-ups face a number of challenges that are unique to this space. First, many investors are looking for a quick return, but new technology can often take a while to gain ground. In addition, the field faces a bit of a negative halo from past very public investment failures (Solyndra, anyone?) – some investors walked away with the impression that you invest in clean tech because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ rather than because it’s a sound investment – when nothing could be further from the truth! Finally, as with anything that’s new, it can often be difficult to gain investors’ understanding right away.

"Helping companies to make the world a better place"
Kelly Price
Director, Sundry Ventures

Why work with me?

  • Successful career in entrepreneurship
    (20 years building successful businesses within businesses)
  • Focus on business development / pitching
  • Accomplished public speaker
  • BA / MA from Stanford University
  • MBA from London Business School

About Kelly Price

A native Texan, Kelly Price has spent her life heading West – first to California to study at Stanford University, then to work in Tokyo, Shanghai, and eventually London, where she currently resides.

Kelly spent the first twenty years of her career in the world of consulting, helping pharmaceutical companies market their products.  Kelly spent that time on the agency side, building business units within companies and pitching for new business to prospective clients.  After working in this role on three continents, Kelly decided to hang up her pharma badge in order to put her talents towards helping companies that are looking to make a positive difference in the world.

Outside of work, Kelly has appeared as a presenter in numerous science documentaries, including Stephen Hawking’s Genius, Strange Evidence, and What in the World.  Kelly has also given a TEDx Talk on donating stem cells to save cancer patients’ lives.  She also coaches clean tech start-ups on the side to help them craft their narrative for investors.

Kelly is a graduate of Stanford University, with a BA in Human Biology (’99) and an MA in East Asian Studies (’01).   She is also a graduate of London Business School’s Executive MBA program (’17).

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